About Me

• Am a member of the Association for Coaching (UK), and was a keynote speaker at their 2011 conference on resilience

• Qualified in medicine with distinction in 1986 after a first degree specializing in psychology.

• Worked as a GP in Bristol, pioneering the role of stress management clinics in doctors surgeries. Then joined a specialist addictions treatment team, with whom I worked for over seventeen years.

• Trained in humanistic psychology, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, counseling, groupwork, family therapy, coaching skills and a wide range of personal development approaches.

• Been running stress management and personal development courses since the late 1980s, and involved in coaching since the early 1990s.


After initial degrees in medicine and psychology, I discovered the personal development field in the mid/late 1980s. I went on to train in humanistic psychology, motivational interviewing, coaching skills, positive psychology and a wide range of other approaches to helping people bring out the best in themselves. I’ve run personal development courses for over twenty-five years and have coached people in a wide range of settings.

In addition, I have worked as a GP, as an addictions specialist and as a freelance training consultant, particularly in the fields of stress management, health-related behaviour change and workplace wellbeing. I have studied and written about the psychology of change, producing self-help resources and training health professionals. More recently, I have pioneered the application of positive psychology, setting up the Bristol Happiness Lectures and trainings to promote resilience in a time of uncertainty. In 2010, I was included in the
Independent on Sunday’s ‘Happy List’, which identifies people making significant contributions to wellbeing in the UK.

You can read an article on the Guardian website about my
positive psychology work here.

For more information about my work, writing and courses, see my personal website at www.chrisjohnstone.info