“Chris approaches the challenge of changing things, whether in your life or the world, as a journey or adventure. In adventures, you expect to bump into things, obstacles are part of the course. But when there’s too much in the way, and it seems too difficult, we tend to think of the change as beyond our power. At this point, rather than give up or feel defeated, Chris takes us on a different route: he invites us onto the quest of finding our power. By strengthening our ability to rise to challenges, motivate ourselves, find ways through blocks and design more enjoyable approaches to what we do, it becomes possible to open up new pathways forward.”

From the foreword by Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition movement) in Find Your Power by Chris Johnstone.

"Chris is an inspirational teacher, with both great ‘stage presence’ and an ability to work and listen on a 1:1 level too.

Each time I get the chance to attend the Motivational Interviewing seminar I leave with a new nugget that is of immense practical use in my day to day work"

Dr Pippa Stables, GP Course Organiser, Bristol

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